About Me

I am a 41 year old bibliophile, aspiring writer, artist, and a widowed single mother of five raging in ages 4 to 23. I live in Indiana with six cats (four are newborn kittens), two guinea pigs, a Russian tortoise and a six month old soft wheaten terrier/cocker spaniel mix puppy.

I am also a mental illness warrior. I have been diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder, and anxiety.

I sometimes jokingly call myself a spiritual mutt. I am inspired by Christianity (traditional and esoteric), Eastern Spirituality, Goddess spirituality, and New Age. I particularly hate using the world eclectic, as it means basically nothing now since it's been used as a catch all term to cover everything, but if I had to come with a term to describe myself the closest thing is eclectic. Recently I decided to stop labeling my spiritual path. I draw from so many spiritual sources it's hard to label it. No one label feels quite adequate enough.

I'm also a feminist and political junkie. To me, feminism isn't about ruling over men but about not being ruled by them. Politically I am a liberal progressive. I like to think of myself as an independent but in all honesty I'm probably more of a Democrat.

I'm a modern hippie with a bit if a dark side and have an affinity for hippie, bohemian, and goth and steampunk culture. I don't pretend to understand what it was like in the 60's but I am greatly influenced by the counterculture of that time. Particularly the philosophy and political activism. I'm also fascinated with the modern goth and steampunk culture. The clothes, accessories, art, and music of all three of these cultures are things that I love.

I love arts and crafts. I favor drawing with graphite and colored pencil. I also love crafts, scrapbooking, nail art, and photography.

I love books. My number one goal in life is to be a published writer. I call myself a bibliophile because I tend to collect far more books than I have time to read. Being a single parent makes it hard to read as much as I would like.

Honestly, being a single parent gives me a very limited time to work on all these things that I love. I keep a lot of spinning plates in the air...looks down...yeah there's some broken plates down there too. It's hard keeping up with everything that interests me. I'm hoping reincarnation is real because sometimes it feels like I need a dozen more lifetimes to do everything that I want.